Recording and Rehearsal Studios in Bath

Great studios in Bath helping local students and musicians

Here at Guitar Lessons Bath, there is nothing we love to hear more than one of our guitar students has gone into the recording studio to record their first EP.

We love helping out local bands too, so below is a short list of a few of the best recording and rehearsal studios within Bath - perfect for bands that are just starting out! In no order...

Stage 2 Studios

Stage 2 Studios, established in 2009 is one of the best rehearsal hires within Bath - with the seriously reasonable rate of £9 per hour. This includes some great equipment that is thrown in - guitar amps (ranging from Marshall to Peavey), a bass guitar amp, mics, a drum kit and a massive PA system - it is a seriously chilled out place too, well furnished and great for practising stage performances in. With three rooms all capable of taking a 5 piece band it provides great value. Stage 2 Sounds recording facilities are worth checking out too - with an exclusive offer for local bands, £495 for three days in the studio (seriously great price) and state of the art equipment. Worth checking out!

Shockerwick Studios

Shockerwick Studios is a purpose-built recording and rehearsal studios located just outside Bath. Having produced music for over 20 years the studio offers very competitive quality recording rates, alongside professional rehearsal studio space. The rehearsal space is equipped with all of their own equipment (minus guitar amps & drum breakables) which is well maintained and high quality, as a studio, they pride themselves in helping the bands personally if they need any advice or info. In addition, Shockerwick Studios boasts a kitchen, tuck shop and most importantly free wi-fi!

Archive Studios

Archive Studios is a fully equipped all purpose studio on Windsor Bridge Rd, Bath BA2 3AX. Based in the old BBC tape Archives unit on Windsor Bridge Road in Bath, they bring daily, weekly and monthly studios for hire. Perfect for busy bands, producers and artists looking to have a permanent creative base. They also have extensive range of practice rooms for those who want to rehearse. The staff are always helpful & will go out of their way to make sure you get what you are looking for or the sound you want to go for.

Shockerwick Studios

Shockerwick studios, located on 3 Shockerwick Ln, Bathford, Bath BA1 7LQ, is a high quality recording studio run by James Sheppard. James has been in the music business for most of his life; his first break coming after winning Galaxy Radio's ‘ Juke Box Jury’ with a track he had self written, performed and produced. This quickly led to collaborations with many well known DJ’s and artists, writing and producing numerous singles and albums over the years. James' music has been released on both major and independent labels and been sold and played worldwide. After starting Shockerwick Studios in the early 2000's James spends his time writing and recording library music which can be heard regularly gracing television advert breaks. His love for all things guitar and synth based has seen him amass a wealth of classic and modern instruments, most of which are available to use for recording artists at Shockerwick Studios.

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