Our Lessons

The focus of my guitar lessons is to help you rapidly improve your ability to play.

As someone who still remembers the difficulties of initially picking up and learning and instrument, I understand how challenging it can be and how frustrating it can get at times.

After teaching guitar for 5+ years I also know some of the best ways to tackle the difficulties and barriers that newcomers, and experienced guitarist, encounter when it comes to guitar playing. Lessons cover a wide variety of guitar and musical aspects, including:

  • Warm up exercises
  • Major, Minor, 7 Chords
  • Musical Theory
  • Reading music
  • Scales and Soloing
  • Picking techniques (Alternate, legato, Economy, Sweep, Tapping)
  • Fingers picking and Acoustic styles (Fingerstyle, Percussive Playing)
  • Rock School Grades
  • Classical Guitar
  • And Much More...

To find out more about my guitar lessons and book your first one simply email me at info@guitarlessonsbath.com.

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