The most common questions and answers about starting guitar lessons

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! I have taught loads of guitar students who had never strummed a chord before our first lesson over the years, it is the best place to start. I will take you through everything you need know to play like your guitar heroes! You never stay a beginner for long here a Guitar Lessons Bath.

Absolutely, children of all ages are more than welcome. Half hour lessons each week tend to work best with young people under 11, with children under 5 taking a short snappy 15 minutes every week. You are invited to join us during your child's guitar lessons if you would like to sit in.

Of course, the choice is completely yours. I teach both electric guitar and acoustic guitar, in all styles and genres. I can even teach you bass guitar or piano if you want.

Not at all, I have guitars here that you are more than welcome to use.

Absolutely, anyone can learn guitar - I have taught children guitar aged as young as five to adults in their late 70s. Seriously, if you have the passion for the guitar you will certainly be able to play in it no time at all.

Sure, there are some good guitar shops in Bath that many guitar players like. You can read more about them in our article about Music Shops in Bath.

Please note that Guitar Lessons Bath operates a strict 24-hour cancellation policy. This means that if a lesson is cancelled within 24 hours of the arranged time the student will be charged the full price of the lesson. Should you need to cancel a lesson please contact me at your earliest opportunity to re-arrange.

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Full teaching address will be provided upon first lesson booking.


Kipling Avenue,
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Jake South

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